Singapore before 1819 (part 1)

Was there life in Singapore even before it was founded in 1819?
I would say... YES!
There are many evidences to support my answers.
Shadows of the past: Sejarah Melayu (also known as the Malay Annals)
So here you are on your journey to find and trace Singapore's history. Just then, you stumble across something hard and surprisingly, it has lured your attention!
Enthusiastically, you dig the earth to find your discovery and all you find is a book, written on the cover page are the words "Sejarah Melayu". "what is that?" you ask yourself.

The Sejarah Melayu cotains the anecdote of Sang (Nila) Utama* finding a settlement in Temasek. Sang Utama was a ruler of Palembang in Sumatra in the past. Munshi Abdullah, a famous teacher and interpreter for Raffles, shared an account of the founding of Singapore by Sang Utama.
"Sang Utama went sailing one day and he caught sight of an island across the sea. It was a beautiful place, with sand as white as a piece of cloth. He then asked his minister about the name of the island. He then came to know that it was called Temasek and decided to sail to the land. However, the weather wasn't very pleasant that day. Suddenly, a violent storm broke out. They threw the belongings down the sea to lessen the weight load on the boat so as to prevent the boat from sinking. However, it does not help much. Then an anxious boatman suggested that Sang Utama should throw his crown down as well. Mystically, the storm subsided soon after Sang Utama tossed his crown overboard. When the ship finally reached the shore, Sang Utama and his fellow ministers went inland to hunt for animals. Just then, he saw a strange, mystical yet agile and fast-moving beast that had a red body and a black head. Sang Utama inquired his ministers with regards to what the beast was called. However, none of them knew. Then, one of his ministers - Demang Lebar Daun - said that he had heard about such beasts with that appearance and it was known as Singa in the ancient past. Singa was 'lion' in Malay. Sang Utama thought that the sighting of such mystical beast is a good sign and decided to establish a city at Temasek as Singapura, or 'Lion City'."

-And that was how Sinngapore had gotten its name.

*Sang Utama is also referred to as Sangnila Utama

This video will give you greater in depth on the story of Sang Utama as written in the malay annals.
Enjoy!Is that all the malay annals wrote, definitely not.Click on this link to continue your journey through Singapore's history